A dedicated VLAN that users can enjoy true private networks in an isolated environment. The connection between different LayerStack instances will under a private and high capacity private network within the same region, that isolate your servers and filter public access to secure your sensitive data.

Initial Setup of Private Networking

You must manually modify the network settings with your preferred IP through the console for the Private Networking to be functional.

Plans and Pricing

Enabling private networking for cloud server costs HK$15/Month for each region. Traffic over private networking is free and doesn’t count against your bandwidth.

Regional Availability

Private Networking is available in every region.

Role Permissions

OwnerPurchase Private Networking Service, Enable Private Networking, View Private Networking, Terminate Private Networking Service
MemberEnable Private Networking, View Private Networking
Billing MemberEnable Private Networking, View Private Networking
Billing AdminNot Available


  • Cloud servers can only privately communicate with each other within the same private networking IP group.

  • We don’t currently support private networking between Cloud Servers in different datacenters.

Quick Start Guide

Enable Private Networking

  1. Log in to LayerPanel , go to the Services section and click Cloud Servers button, and then click on the Cloud Servers you want to enable private networking.

  2. Select the Enable Private Networking button, and choose your preferred private IP group.

  3. Log in to your server and start to configure private networking manually by referring following tutorial.

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