The LayerStack China Direct CN2 Route offers a business class solution for enterprises seeking a high-performance connection with China. This route is backed by the top three carriers in China, including China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile, ensuring high capacity, superior performance, solid reliability, and excellent speed.

Plans and Pricing

Enabling China Direct CN2 Route for cloud server costs HK$20/Month for each cloud server.

Regional Availability

China Direct CN2 Route is currently available in Hong Kong region only.


  • China Direct CN2 Route service can only be enabled for the outgoing traffic of Cloud servers with DDOS Protection service activated.

Quick Start Guide

Enable China Direct CN2 Route

  1. Log in to LayerPanel, go to the Services section and click Cloud Servers button, and then click on the Cloud Servers you want to enable China Direct CN2 Route.

  2. Select the Enable China Direct CN2 Route button, and select the Confirm Purchase after you have checked the service fee.

  3. Once the payment is settled, China Direct CN2 Route would be enabled automatically.