Plans and Pricing

We offer three different kinds of Cloud Servers plans: a standard plan, high-memory plan, and high-storage plan, for different purpose workloads. All cloud servers use shared CPU resources, meaning that you receive a portion of a CPU thread.

  • Standard: High CPU and SSD performance with balance of compute, memory, and network resources. Suitable for most general-purpose workloads.

  • High Memory: Specifically designed for memory-intensive workloads such as databases, memory caching, and rendering.

  • High Storage: SSD storage maximizing along with standard CPU performance for running your own mail server, archiving old documents and files, etc.

You can view Cloud Servers detatils on the plans and pricing page.

Upgrade Plan

You can initiate an upgrade order by choosing your desired plan within LayerPanel during the service period. An order will be generated in a pro-rated amount for the time remaining on your existing subscription. You have the option to immediately process the upgrade of service plan or do it later, before confirming the payment. If opted for immediate upgrade, the server will be resized automatically once the payment process is confirmed.


Bandwidth refers to the public data transfer of inbound and outbound network traffic, both to and from LayerStack data centers around the globe.

When monthly data usage reaches that data transfer limit mentioned on each service plan, cloud servers service continues without data capping, but the connection speed will be throttled, and the connection experience may be affected. You can check your data usage in LayerPanel 2. Also, you always have the option of moving to a larger plan for increasing the data limit.

Data transfer between Cloud Servers over the private VLAN is unlimited and not charged.

Regional Availability

  • Standard Cloud Servers plans are available in all regions.
  • High Memory Cloud Servers plans are available in HK03.
  • High Storage Cloud Servers plans are available in HK03.

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